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Thanks for visiting. Deep Fried Ads is a boutique ad agency and website development firm located in New Orleans, LA. Here at Deep Fried, we recognize that successful advertising starts in discovering the soul of your business, identifying who your product or service speaks to, and turning those two components into a tangible campaign. This approach requires a clear perspective, an adjustable thinking cap, and experience in traditional and new media. However, there’s a lot to be said for letting loose and having a little fun when it’s time to get creative.

Founded in 2004, we are proud to offer affordable and, more importantly, high-quality and effective graphic and web design services to our community. We pride ourselves on our client relationships, dependable service, rich talent, and our ability to keep up with the Jones. That is to say, our industry changes daily and we are committed to continuously delivering fresh ideas and using new technology to capture your market. Whether your needs are professional, sexy, or off-the-wall, we can provide an insightful edge to your new campaign.

And while our name is Deep Fried, don’t be fooled into thinking we just work for restaurants. (For a little fun history on the name, visit what’s in a name?) Believe it or not, we work with all kinds of clients: mom and pop shops to corporate powerhouses, which is part of why we love our job so much. (Sorry to the busboy who called yesterday looking for a job, we do wish you the best of luck!) So don’t waste your marketing budget on poor or ineffective advertising. You have very little time to make an impression, and you better make sure it counts.


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