Junior Intern

Demitasse, or just Demi for short, is the office’s little shot of caffeine in the morning. Demi is very serious about her career at Deep Fried, and truly throws herself into her daily responsibilities. She is the best delivery-man alert system this side of the Mississippi, serves as casual inspiration for all things “cute,” loves a good Lean Cuisine dish, and will never turn down a slice of coconut pie. Demi often works remotely; she sometimes prefers to work from home so she can manage her clients while she plays with her stuffed frog. Demi is a fierce cupcake, and she knows it. P.S. Demi is French, not Mexican, and is frankly getting sick of the taco jokes. Demi does not have an email address or phone extension, because she is a dog.

Staff Q&A

Favorite food?
HIGH-CHair Droppings
Your nickname / or AKA?
Monster, Demidog
Name your pets, if any:
Frog, my stuffed frog
If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be? 
Rosie Pig
If you could, who would you choose to “Freaky Friday” and trade places with for a day?
Scooby Doo
Favorite program / app?
Open Table